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What our members say

Why join Taste of the West

The best way to understand why companies join Taste of the West and more importantly, stay in our network is to hear from our members themselves. 
Below you will find a selection of quotes from several members talking about the key benefits they get from their membership.

A symbol of high standards and quality

"We became a Taste of the West member because to us, Taste of the West has always been a symbol of high standards and quality; it represents our values and the importance of all things South West.

When we won a Gold award we were over the moon, but becoming champion of the Best South West Street Food Award is more than we could ever have dreamed of."

The Big Kebabski 

The Big Kebabski_ceremony 2022

Membership has endless advantages

"Taste of the West membership has endless advantages. We receive so much advice about advertising and increasing sales. There are so many great opportunities, countless goals and incentives. Not to mention a lovely sense of community for business owners in the South West."

Taste of Sidmouth

Taste of Sidmouth_ceremony 2022

If you only join one organisation it should be Taste of the West

“We are passionate about the provenance and quality of our food, so becoming a Taste of the West member was a natural step for us. The awards receive tremendous media coverage and customers have been actively seeking us out because of it. If you only join one organisation – it should be Taste of the West.” 

Victoria Inn, Salcombe