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Our Aim

This website ( is run by Taste of the West Ltd. We aim to provide a website that is accessible to a wide audience, regardless of technology or ability. Below is a list of the 4 accessibility principles that we have taken into consideration whilst developing this website:

  • Perceivable: All users should be able to accurately see and read our website content.
  • Operable: Website content should be responsive and simple to navigate for all users, for example, using keyboard-only commands to navigate a website rather than a mouse.
  • Understandable: Website interfaces and information should be organised in a way that makes them easy to use, predictable to navigate and contain language that is understandable to all users.
  • Robust: The website should be compatible with a wide range of technology, including many of the assistive technology tools that are commonly used by users with disabilities.

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

We are always looking to improve the accessibility of this website and welcome any suggestions users might have to help us do so. If you feel that we are not meeting your accessibility requirements, please contact [email protected].