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Sams Pigs

Locke Farm, Halstock, Yeovil, BA22 9SQ

Locke Farm, Halstock, Yeovil, BA22 9SQ

Telephone Number: 
01935 891273

Sam's Pigs is based at the family's organic farm in West Dorset. It is run by Rob, Mandie and Sam Holloway. The family rears Oxford Sandy & Black pigs in the farms woodland. From the pork, a wide range of awarding winning, gluten and presrvative free sausages are produced. Current flavours of sausages, which are seasonal,  include Traditional, Old English, Whisky and Marmalade, Naga, Chipotle and Lime, Fiery Sea Pepper, Caramalised Plum, Apricot, Rhubarb and Ginger, Honey and Mustard, Lemon and Sage, Cranberry and Port, Wild Garlic, Faggot and Seaweed. In addition to the sausages, bacon and pork joints are available. Our bacon is dry cured. In December cured hams are available. Organic, grass fed and 28 day hung beef is also available.

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