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Rosemullion Distillery LTD

Penperry, Old Church Road, Mawnan Smith, Cornwall, TR11 5HU

Telephone Number: 
01326 702202

Rosemullion Distillery is a small distillery set in the rural Cornwall countryside close to the Helford River. We are a craft distiller and creator of artisan spirits including Gin and Rum; are passionate about quality, flavour and authenticity.

Our distillery was established in 2018. We ferment our own base alcohols and don’t flavour industrial alcohol. The water used in the fermentation and distillation of our spirits is Cornish rainwater. The water is complimented by use of local ingredients including Cornish seasonal fruit and honey, sprinkled with some Cornish sunshine.

While our collection of great tasting British spirits is evolving, all are lovingly produced by hand using our bespoke, hand-built copper-still. We produce small batches of just 100 bottles at a time, making sure that we remain a true artisan distillery.

Our copper-still gins are based on traditional recipes and some are subsequently infused with local fruit and honey, so we retain some of the more delicate and distinctive flavours. Our gins are so full of flavour that its best to drink them simply with good quality tonic water, ice and maybe a slice to suit your particular taste.

Our rums are 100% pot-batch distilled to ensure they retain their essential flavours.

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