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Rockbeare Manor

Rockbeare, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2FE

Telephone Number: 
01392 797444

Rockbeare Manor is an exclusive use venue in Devon that delivers unique and expertly managed occasions. We will be dedicated to you, giving the utmost care and attention to every aspect of your wedding or event with our professional, bespoke service.

When choosing a venue for your wedding or special event, it’s important that you select a location that has a team who are passionate about creating innovative delicious menus for you and your guests. Our chefs take enormous pride in all they do and they have carefully designed a tempting selection of event and wedding menus, made with only the finest ingredients from the suppliers who we know and trust. Wherever possible, these suppliers are local to Devon and the South West, using free-range production methods.  When combined in this way, our event and wedding menus make your special occasion all the more spectacular.

Rockbeare Manor is part of a story, of a committed team with a love of creating unforgettable moments, exceptional events and not settling for second best. It's about building something that we are proud of, but importantly something which our guests will be amazed by. All this is based on a foundation of honesty, transparency and trust - and following through with any promises made.

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