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142 Station Rd, Chingford, London, E4 6AN

The worlds first and only truly complete front of house solution for hospitality businesses and their customers that puts food at its heart. Designed by hospitality professionals, for hospitality professionals.

Welcome to the ~nu generation of food tech. Faster, more powerful and less expensive than anything on the market.

What is it?

Built around a first of Its kind database all about food, me~nu is everything you need in one place – Interactive digital menus, order and pay from table, home delivery and takeaway ordering, and POS solutions. Nothing else comes close. Hospitality focused development makes me~nu a platform ready for todays market with tomorrows tech.

Your customers will love it

Everything customers want to know about your food in one place – provenance, nutrition, allergens and intolerances, dietary preferences including vegan, vegetarian, religious diets, your local suppliers, ethics and standards, awards and accreditation.

Allow consumers to Interact with your menu like never before.

Personalised and accurate

me~nu users can personalise your menu to fit their personal needs or preferences. Every question answered, every query satisfied, leaving your team to focus on service. A whole new way of dining, designed around a complete customer experience.

me~nu Is one of a kind. Give your business a competitive advantage than can't be matched. A highly personalised experience, full menu Interaction, and less staff time required.

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