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Meggy Moo's Dairy

Park Farm, Shroton, BLANDFORD FORUM, DT11 8TP
Nestled in the shadow of Hambledon Hill, on the edge of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale, Park Farm is home to our family and our herd of free-range, Holstein cattle. We work hard to give our girls the highest standards of welfare as healthy, contented cows will always produce the most delicious milk. They have the freedom to graze outside or rest indoors, the choice is theirs. We also milk them using a robotic system meaning they get to make their own decisions as to when they are ready for milking.  From our dairy, we produce a gently pasteurised, unhomogenised whole and semi-skimmed milk. We use a traditional, lower-temperature pasteurisation method that helps to retain flavour and nutrient levels. We also make a ‘farm fresh’ cream and Mini Moo’s, our range of healthy, school-approved milkshakes.  Our farm shop is open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week, where you can dispense your milk direct to your own container, or one of our lovely Meggy Moo's reusable glass bottles, using our milk vending machine. You can also purchase our products from stockists across North and East Dorset and enjoy a coffee made using our milk in many cafes; we also have eleven locations at which you can refill your glass bottle with our milk, helping to reduce plastic waste - please see the Stockists page on our website for more details.  
Award Description Category Year
Dairy (Non-Cheese) Meggy Moo’s Semi-Skimmed Milk Product - Dairy (Non-Cheese) 2023
Dairy (Non-Cheese) Meggy Moo’s Whole Milk Product - Dairy (Non-Cheese) 2023

50.9248331, -2.216509