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Frontline Packaging Ltd

Devonshire Business Centre, Works Road, Letchworth, SG6 1GJ
01462 488217

Frontline Packaging was established because we saw a need for a different approach to packaging, which is to take a consultative approach to finding ways to reduce the cost of packaging by taking into account all areas such as materials, equipment, space, location, standards, processes, lead-times, variety and of course, the demands of your customers. Where we differ from consultants however is that we deliver on the advice we give and we take responsibility for it, whether that is changes to packaging design, modifying a process or designing, supplying and supporting complete new packaging lines.

We respect the fact that developing companies are often run by creative artisans with expert knowledge on their products and the markets they sell in to, however we know from experience that packaging is often overlooked, usually in the drive to grow the business and possibly because the skills and knowledge do not exist within the business, which can lead to unnecessary costs and restrictions on margins and growth.

As a UK company with a particular focus on the south west, we are careful about where we direct our resources and therefore may politely decline an enquiry if we do not think we are the best people to help, however where we do believe we can add value to your business, we take pride in the way in we take ownership for helping to improve your packaging operations, thereby leaving you free to focus on your core business activities.

To find out more about Frontline's unique approach please contact us for an initial discussion.


Frontline Packaging - proud sponsors of our Ready Meals & Soups category 2024

We are delighted to be sponsoring the Taste of the West award for the best ready meal because we have long been involved in helping producers improve the way they pack this type of product and so we have a good understanding of what it takes to make a great ready meal. 
Having just recently joined Taste of the West, we know the quality of entries will be outstanding and look forward to getting to know the producers who are confident enough to put their ready meals forward for judging.

The sector has seen a significant drive in recent years to improve quality, flavour and nutritional value of all convenience foods with ready meals leading the way and so there is now a wide range of great options for the consumer to choose from. A key part of this change has been in the use of innovative packaging because producers recognise that, no matter how good the contents, if the packaging doesn't project the right message then the consumer is unlikely to be attracted to the meal, or to accept the price on the label. 
The challenge this often brings to the quality-driven producer is that, in general, low-cost packaging does not present a high-quality image and, again in general, it is easier to automate using cheaper packaging materials than it is to automate when more creative packaging is adopted.

Producers of high-quality meals already know how difficult it is to find the kind of quality ingredients they need to produce something they can be proud of and, as their businesses grow, they know how challenging it is to scale-up an artisan process without compromising the product or their values. Therefore, it can be a huge additional frustration for them to then find that the packaging they were so excited about in the beginning, which helped create their brand and early success for their beloved products, is now a key factor in preventing them from increasing volumes in a cost-effective way.

This is where Frontline comes in because our experience is very much based around helping the more quality-driven customer who often has more challenging requirements. We understand there is no point in suggesting to someone who has put their heart and soul into creating a product that looks great in a wooden tray that they can save money by using plastic trays, and so we've developed many ways to help, from something simple and low-cost through to something more complex, we know versatility is key and that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to growing a food manufacturing business. 

So we offer our best wishes and good luck to all who enter this award and we look forward to meeting you and, of course, to trying your wonderful ready meals!

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