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Forest Fungi The Farm Shop

Timaru Gardens, Warren Road, Dawlish Warren, EX7 ONG

Telephone Number: 
01626 864111

We are based in Dawlish Warren on the beautiful East Devon coast only half a mile from the beach. We have carefully selected our suppliers with the priorities being locality to our shop, ethical production and most importantly quality and flavour. We try to ensure our produce is organic where possible. We believe in transparency and traceability so visit us to see what we offer, where they are sourced and which awards they have won. For those interested in the world of mushrooms and fungi we offer a vast and unique range of some of the best mushrooms available in the UK. We have over 10 different mushrooms that we stock all year round a lot of which are grown on site in our unique growing rooms. We also offer wild seasonal mushrooms which vary with the time of year and their availability. Both the farm shop and the cafe won Gold in 2016 Taste of the West Awards.

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