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Curious Kombucha

7 Marshalsea, Marshwood, DT6 5QE
Welcome along folks, we are thrilled you can join us on our mystical journey into the curious world of imaginatively flavoured soft beverages. When we started The Curious Drinks Company we had no idea of what we would encounter when we embarked on this mystical journey. Filled with excitement, trepidation and, well, obviously curiosity, we decided to start by creating a small range of products that reflected the years of brewing knowledge we had amassed with our passion for nature, alchemy and a diligent focus on mindfulness to create the Curious Kombucha range. We are dedicated to bringing our customers a unique experience and we would dearly love to share this with you.
Award Description Category Year
Non-Alcoholic Cold Drinks Lions Mane and Hops Kombucha Product - Non-Alcoholic Cold Drinks 2023

50.7968909, -2.8691027