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Cherry Lodge Farm

Cherry Lodge Farm, Shrewton, SP3 4ET

Here at Cherry Lodge Farm we produce pasture-fed, slow-matured English Longhorn beef. Our Longhorns are raised and grazed on Parsonage Down National Nature Reserve, Wiltshire. They graze the ancient chalk grasslands on Salisbury Plain that are rich in plant biodiversity to produce what we like to call 'biodiverse beef'. Our Longhorn beef has been produced with nature in mind and believe that food production and nature can go hand in hand.

The herd has been grazing the farm since the 1930's and are the oldest Pedigree registered herd of Longhorns in the world that are still registering heifers each year! The genetics have been selected over the years to create a functional cow that thrives in the ecosystem and can fatten well on the pastures of the farm. We believe in connecting people with nature through the sales of our beef and getting our customers on farm to see how the animals contribute to nature recovery.

Longhorn beef is becoming more popular for its depth of flavour, superb marbling and being a nutrient dense source of protein. 


- Organic *

- Pasture-fed

- Slow-grown

- Free range

- Low input


* We have been organic since 2019, but we have only recently converted all of our animals over to organic. Therefore, all future beef will be marketed as officially organic. 



Award Description Category Year
Meat & Poultry Longhorn Beef Brisket Product - Meat & Poultry 2024

51.178319529162, -1.9105333436081