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The Big Kebabski


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The Big Kebabski was born from our love and hunger for outstanding vegetarian food. Often struggling to find good quality, tasty vegetarian meals we've decided to take things in our own hands! Dedicated to sourcing and using only the highest quality ingredients, we believe there's no compromise when it comes to making food! Our passion gave us the strength to continuously thrive to improve the texture and flavours of our dishes and after long time of searching and experimenting we have created delicious vegetarian and vegan kebabs – with a TWIST ….quite literally! At the Big Kebabski we feel very strong about saving the environment. From packagking, designing menu, cleaning products to sourcing ingredients we believe that every little helps to reduce impact on our planet. very strong about saving the environment. As cruelty free, as we can be..... we say: eat plants, save the animals!

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