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Ashcombe Cider

The Ciderworks, Nut Tree Farm, Ashcombe, Dawlish, EX7 0QD
01626 888730

For over a century Ashcombe Estate Orchards have produced organic old English apples for the finest Devon cider. The estate's cider making was made famous by the White family in the late 19th century but was nearly lost to history until in 2011 it was restarted, revived and enhanced by the estate.  We now produce three slightly sparkling 4.5% ABV devon ciders.

White's Original (medium dry) organic cider named after the White family. 

Gratton's Gold (dry) organic cider named after farmer Peter Gratton who looked after the orchard for 59 years

St Nectar (medium-sweeter) organic cider named after the Ashcombe church patron saint St Nectan. 

We are proud of our history, and we hope that you will love the blend of nature, knowledge and tradition at Ashcombe that helps us to create fine ciders for anyone to enjoy.

Award Description Category Year
Cider White's Original Ashcombe Organic Cider Product - Cider 2024
Cider St Nectar Ashcombe Organic Cider Product - Cider 2024
Cider Grattons Gold Product - Cider 2023
Cider St Nectar Product - Cider 2023
Cider White's Original Product - Cider 2023

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