Pancake Day is upon us once more, it’s time to hold your frying pans up high, beat that batter and make some flipping brilliant pancakes!

It’s a well-known fact that the best topping for your pancakes is… well, more pancakes, but do you know what goes into the perfect batter mix? Let us inspire you to create some truly awesome pancakes using only the finest local ingredients from the south west. Read on inspired chefs, cooks and mini-chefs! (kids)

Taste of the West’s Top Ingredients for Pancake Day! Make sure your pancakes don’t fall flat!


Here at Taste of the West, we love organic produce that tastes great, and it’s a known fact that milk adds an array of velvety flavours to the perfect pancake. Taste of the West Gold Award winners Cotteswold Dairy, produce some of the tastiest & creamiest free range whole milk on the market! Located in Gloucestershire, their whole milk can be used in everything from gorgeous pancake batter mix to creamy soups!

Taste of the West’s Top Tip: Whisk your dry ingredients in last to minimise the amount of mess in the kitchen, this way, flour won’t fly around your kitchen at high-speeds should you accidently whisk too fast!


Great eggs = great pancakes, that’s a fact. Eggs help thicken your batter mix up and give the recipe that golden colour once cooked, without them your pancakes may not look or taste as delicious!

We recommend using eggs from The Traditional Free Range Egg Company this pancake season. Flip up your pancakes using their hen’s eggs and we’ll assure you, you won’t be disappointed after all, it’s the love, care, freedom and fresh air that helps their hens produce these gorgeous eggs!

Taste of the West’s Top Tip: Beat those yolks! By beating your eggs first, you’ll make sure your pancakes have a gorgeous coating when it comes to cooking, eggs-cellent.


Butter adds an extra-element to any dish with its silky rich pallet. We use butter a lot when we’re making pancakes; in our pancake mix, whilst frying and, as a topping, it’s a natural all-rounder!

Taste of the West’s recommendation for this ingredient is fresh Cornish butter from Trewithen Dairy, a family dairy with a passion for flavour. Located in Cornwall, this dairy produces gorgeous milk, clotted cream, yogurt, butter, liquid cream and buttermilk! Combine your cooking process with half a tablespoon of  their rich and creamy butter and taste the magic!

Taste of the West’s Top Tip: If you’re frying your pancakes in butter, make sure to control the temperature. You want the butter to be just bubbling whilst remaining golden. If your pan’s too hot, your butter might go brown which will add a hazelnut flavour to your pancake, which doesn’t quite fit.

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Vanilla Pods

Even a quarter of a vanilla pod can make a huge difference to your batter mix by amplifying other flavours whilst adding a simple yet elegant touch to the pallet. Vanilla orchids originally came from Mesoamerica.

Vanilla’s richness goes hand in hand with the creaminess of milk, and, by choosing to use the raw vanilla pods rather than vanilla extract you’re opting for a potentially less-potent, unrefined taste sensation adding a touch of class to your pancake batter mix.

Taste of the West’s Top Tip: Sometimes it can be tricky to get the vanilla out of the pod. However with a bit of practise it’s a breeze! Lay the pod flat and cut it in half, then use the back of your knife to scrape out the vanilla and voila! 


Everybody likes chocolate pancakes, but it’s mostly considered a topping. Did you know however, that you can add it into your batter mix too? Perfect for those days where you just need a sugar rush.

Simply melt some chocolate – white, dark or milk, it doesn’t matter – in a pan with some cream along with a knob of butter and stir over a low-heat, once it looks like chocolate sauce wait for it to cool and add it into the batter mix, yummy! 

Taste of the West recommend Lick The Spoon’s Chocolate Drops, a multi-award winning, family run chocolatier located in Wiltshire!

Taste of the West’s Top Tip: Chocolate can be tricky! It can go hard if left to cool for too long or burn if cooked for too long. Cream, milk and butter will help to keep the chocolate as a sauce! Once cooking your chocolate batter, make sure to cook thin pancakes which are spread evenly over a medium heat – this helps to reduce the risk of burning.

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