This is a reminder that new EU Animal Health Regulation (AHR) and composite rules will apply from today (21 April 2021). 

From today five new Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and one private attestation can be used for exports of specific products of animal origin to the EU. This includes two new composite product EHCs and the private attestation document for products exempt from certification. The ECHs are on EHC online and the private attestation on form finder.

The remaining new EHCs for live animals, germinal products and products of animal origin will be phased in over the coming months.  

If your composite product already requires an EHC, you will be able to carry on using the current EHC until August or choose to use the new documentation.  

If your product does not currently require an EHC, you must follow the new rules from today (21 April).  

For live animals, germinal products and other products of animal origin you will be able to continue using existing EHCs until August 2021.  

Heat treatment 
The European Commission has confirmed it is amending the AHR to allow businesses to use a private attestation to export shelf-stable composite products containing dairy (but no meat) that has not undergone UHT or sterilisation, so long as the dairy product originates and is processed in a third country listed for the export of dairy to the EU, such as GB. As the legislative amendments will not be in place by 21 April 2021 when the new Regulation applies the Commission has agreed an interim arrangement. There is further information in the guidance.

Further information
There is further information on AHR and the new composite rules in DEFRA guidance. The AHR will apply in Northern Ireland.
The composite product decision tree will help you decide if your product is a composite and what documentation you need to use.
Please also find the webinar presentationnarrative, along with questions and answers from the sessions.

Please find a new AHR frequently asked questions document here.