With rum’s popularity continuing to grow, family-run Hattiers adds two new varieties to its collection of blended rums. Sourced from around the globe then blended and bottled in Devon, the latest additions Eminence and Resolute join the maiden rum; Egremont. Blended with Dartmoor water and hand-bottled in small batches, the rums have no added sugar or botanicals.

Matured at the source distilleries and passed through a carbon filter to remove the colour of ageing, Eminence is a light to medium-bodied white rum. Dry with soft, light fruit notes and a long creamy finish, it is perfect as the base of a delicious cocktail. A classic Daiquiri is the ideal pairing for this elegant rum as the zesty flavours of lime and sugar allows Eminence to shine through.

Also new to the collection is Resolute, a navy strength rum at 54.4%, it is not for the fainthearted if sipping neat. The toasted brown sugar and charred oak aromas are followed by warm banana flavours making it a dark, mature rum. The intense fruity flavours of Resolute are ideal in a traditional punch.

The premium reserve Egremont is blended from a mix of Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemalan rum. Ex-Bourbon cask with no added colourants, it boasts aromas of caramel, cacao and spice. Fruity and luxurious cream notes result in a long and elegant finish. Primarily a sipping rum, it is smooth enough for those new to rum, but complex enough to satisfy the connoisseur.

Hattiers founder, Philip Everett-Lyons, says “We’ve worked hard to source the best rums from around the world to create our new range. Blended with local water and hand bottled by my family, each and every rum is special. Our three rums Eminence, Egremont and Resolute, are delicious and totally unique. We are continually developing our range to create truly outstanding Devon rums.”

The naming of the rums is inspired by sailing, a passion of the Hattiers family. From learning how to sail on the Egremont vessel, based in Salcombe, Devon to a passion for historic nautical vessels such as the HMS Resolute, the Hattiers range embodies a passion for its coastal roots. Available from the 1 October from £37.50 at Hattiers.com, The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt, Drink Finder, Drinks Kiosk and Amazon.