It's no secret that we need to be more environmentally friendly and customers are more aware of this than ever before. Many will be making resolutions to curb their plastic use, or buy from greener businesses. This year give your customers what they want and at the same time do your part to make the South West a little greener. 


First a 'green' message from our title sponsors Old Mill Accountants and Financial Planners. Going Greener in 2019 - What is waste to your business and why should you worry about it?

Waste is essentially lost money. Whether that’s product or energy, every time you throw something away you are losing potential revenue or an opportunity to reduce costs; wouldn’t it be great to reduce that cost? Here are some of the techniques businesses can use to tackle the problem in 2019:

1. View opportunities to recycle waste in other areas of your industry – too many companies think of recycling waste from a narrow viewpoint. Although, your by-product can’t be used in your business, can it be used in someone else’s? (pig food for example).

2. Consider installing a Voltage Optimisation Unit – this will reduce your electricity output from the standard 240v down to what is needed to run your equipment. The saving could be as much as 15% and suppliers will often install this for free (they take their fee as a percentage of your savings).

The market is shifting towards being more sustainable, and this will be enforced by the introduction of a plastics tax. Make sure you are on the forefront of change and it could save more money than you realise.


We have compiled a few ways you could become more green this year...


Step 1: Request a Beco Energy Audit!

Beco provide free energy audits which could save you money on your energy bills AND they can advise you on greener energy installations. As recommended by Old Mill, Beco carry out Voltage Optimisation and will give you a free, no obligation voltage survey. Voltage in the UK is supplied at 240V. This figure is often higher and we use and pay for it. A saving of £15,000 over 10 years is achievable by the average pub (assuming a monthly spend of £1000 with an energy saving of 10%, 3% RPI). Contact Vanessa for more details.


Step 2: Phase out single use plastics!

Last year saw a crack down on plastic.  Customers will be seeking out those businesses who are more environmentally conscious so think about changing to eco-friendly packaging. Affiliate member First Stop Supplies, have a range of eco-friendly packaging inc. paper straws. We are aware at Taste of the West that this can be more expensive for some small busniesses, instead encourage customers to bring their own packaging. (However, please do refer to your health and safety regulations before making any changes.)


Step 3: Invest in some eco-friendly packaging!

We are delighted to announce one of our new sponsors for 2019 – RH Fibreboard Containers Ltd who supply bespoke corrugated boxes, trays and other cardboard products. The manufactured packaging is 100% recyclable, and the majority of their products are 100% recycled. Waste reduction, responsible sourcing and environmental sustainability is at the heart of what they do and if you would like to know more get in touch with Steve Gabell, Sales Director here.


Step 4: Lower your food miles!

Another, easy step to going greener is by lowering your food miles. We are fortunate in the South West that we have an amazing range of products on our doorstep. By using our Food Finder Map you'll be able to source quality ingredients from our members as close as possible. You can search by area, product, award or type of business.




Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you different stories from some of our members who have made greener changes - both big and small! We hope you pick up some tips and tricks and please don't hestitate to get in touch with your own stories, just email Rachel