Dartmoor Chilli Farm is 10 years old this month and to celebrate, they're adding FREE chilli packs to all online orders placed in September. Time to spice up your cooking!

Dartmoor Chilli Farm specialise in growing over one hundred varieties of sweet pepper and chillies - everything from the humble Jalapeno to the scary Carolina Reaper. They also make a range of award-winning chilli chutneys, chilli jams, chilli salts and seasoning, chilli sauces, chilli oils and chilli chocolate. Their range of quality preserves and sauces are all made traditionally by hand in small regular batches for maximum quality and flavour.

They're also a very eco friendly business. The nursery is run using wind and solar power, and they use green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting and recycling. The plants grow naturally and holistically without any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.