Whether your family are all foodies, keen cooks or simply enjoy the simple pleasures in life, Manna from Devon Cooking School offers the perfect serve for your Christmas turkey – in a Wood Fired Oven! Your entire Christmas meal can be prepared this way, adding an essence of the outdoors to your festive day, via this primal-yet-versatile cooking style.

Wood Fired cooking is on fire and your Christmas guests will see why after tasting a variety of traditional side dishes cooked alongside the main turkey. You may even inspire them; it's easy to understand why people have acquired a taste for the smokey delicacies wood fired ovens produce, and are increasingly opting to install wood fired ovens at home. Everything can be cooked in these spacious ovens, from sprouts to stuffing, giving you a truly unique, sociable experience. No more Christmas kitchen meltdowns!

Commenting on a wood fired Christmas turkey, David enthuses: “Not only is it a dramatic and fun cooking experience but the flavour of the food is exceptional.” He continues: “Many people associate outdoor cooking with the summer but the warmth of the oven keeps you toasty: I can't think of a more inspiring and enjoyable way to cook, particularly on Christmas Day!”

If you don't yet have a wood fired oven why not ask Santa for a gift voucher for one of Manna from Devon Cooking School's courses? They run regular Wood Fired Oven courses throughout the year, alongside their Bread, Fish and other courses.

Another great foodie gift is Manna from Devon's latest cookbook 'Wood Fired Flatbreads and Pancakes'. Several new recipes feature in the book, both traditional household favourites and those inspired by David and Holly's travels to India, Vietnam, Spain and beyond. There are lots of beautiful photographs by Devon-based photographer Nick Hook so you'll know exactly what's going on. Priced at just £9.99, click here to buy.

To book one of the Wood Fired Oven Classes visit http://www.mannafromdevon.com/cookery-courses/woodfired/ or call 01803 752943 to purchase a gift voucher. Follow Manna from Devon on Twitter (@mannafromdevon), Facebook (facebook.com/mannafromdevon) or Instagram (mannafdevon)