Illustrating the rather confused state of play with regards the Brexit debate at the moment, whichever way it pans out – the result will probably be just as sweet !

  • Capreolus Fine Foods launches 'Hard Brexit' and 'Soft Brexit' salamis
  • Spreadable 'Soft Brexit' salami made with ingredients sourced from within the EU – perfect with a 'Remain' romaine lettuce salad
  • 'Hard Brexit' dried pork salami uses ingredients imported from outside the EU
  • Made in Dorset, where 49% voted 'remain' and 51% voted 'leave'


Capreolus Fine Foods – an award-winning producer of artisan British charcuterie – has created two new types of salami, ‘Hard Brexit’ and ‘Soft Brexit’. Marking the United Kingdom's efforts to leave the European Union, the two new salamis are inspired by the trade choices facing the UK.


The Capreolus 'Soft Brexit' represents the potential for Britain to remain a member of the European single market and EU customs union. A soft, spreadable salami, 'Soft Brexit' is made with free-range pork from Dorset and Somerset, and is cured and flavoured with ingredients grown and readily available from countries within the EU (with black pepper being the only exception). It spreads like a pâté and is best-served with 'Remain' romaine lettuce.


Representing the alternative – a total departure from the EU single market and customs union – is the 'Hard Brexit' salami. Also made with free-range pork from Dorset and Somerset, 'Hard Brexit' is flavoured and cured using ingredients imported from countries outside the EU. It is fully air-dried and ideal for slicing or chewing. A "true blue" snack, the Capreolus 'Hard Brexit' salami is the perfect accompaniment to a pint of dry cider and an argument with strangers over the merits of free movement.


Both salamis are made in West Dorset, where 49% of residents voted 'remain' and 51% voted 'leave'. You can purchase your preferred Brexit, hard or soft, from Capreolus’ website at


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