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The Wheatsheaf

Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire, RG17 0TE

Telephone Number: 
01488 680 936

We beleive that a pub is place for everyone. The Wheatsheaf is a recently rejuventated thatched pub that sits in a peaceful village serving "upmarket peasant food" and wood fired pizzas - which means it's unpretentious, passionate, exciting, affordable and offers loads of flavour.

Ollie’s parents have a farm 3 miles away growing some of the best produce around. Organic fruit and vegetables, wild herbs and flowers, the best sausages, hand made charcuterie, rare breed pork, wild honey bees, grass fed lamb that graze all year round - our heroes!

We are passionate about organic food. Not only is it better for the world, but it tastes so good! We provide you this without the extra buck that you might expect. Organic local flour for pizza, organic chips, organic sugar and cream for ice cream, organic wine, organic local beef... tea, coffee, chocolate... we love it all!

On top of this, we have a Vintage Shop, Live Music Nights, Sawdays Award, SRA 3 Star for Sustainability and an Art Gallery. A pub is a place for everyone.

See you soon! Lauren and Ollie

"Ollie (MasterChef semi-finalist) and Lauren are brimming with energy and ideas for their flavourful pub"

"Possibly the best Pizza I have ever consumed!"

"Amazing - best pub restaurant near Hungerford"

"The pizzas are fabulous!! The young couple who run this pub have done wonders with it. We recommend it highly."

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