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St Ives Cider

The Old Mushroom Farm, Halsetown, St Ives, TR26 3LZ

Telephone Number: 
01736 795267

St Ives Cider is owned by David Berwick and his wife Kate. As a cider maker, David combines his experience in the wine industry with traditional cider techniques to produce a range of hand-crafted artisan ciders. David is a hands-on cider maker: every litre produced has been subjected to critical analysis at several stages of the process and blended by David himself. It is more than just a chemical equation to produce this product; the taste is all important. The sweetness in a cider can be added in many different ways. Common methods are stopping the fermentation before all the sugar has turned to alcohol or simply adding sugar, or even Saccharin, to the base cider. David believes that in undergoing the fermentation process the apple flavours in the juice change which is why any sweetness in his cider is created by completely fermenting the cider and then adding back pure apple juice before bottling - hence the taste of fresh apples in the cider.

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