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Salcombe Meat Company

Ashby’s of Salcombe, Salcombe Road, Malborough, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3BX

Telephone Number: 
01548 843807

Since 2014, Alex and Lauren Brazier have been hand-rearing their own traditional breeds of Devon Closewool and Herdwick sheep in their own fields at Harwood Farm on the outskirts of Salcombe, butchering the animals themselves.

In 2016, Alex and Lauren saw an opportunity to work with other like-minded local farmers to supply meat that has travelled the least possible distance from field to fork. Resulting in meat that’s healthier and better for the environment, and tastier too – the Salcombe Meat Company was born.

We understand that raising slow-grown, grass-fed animals, and practicing whole carcass butchery, means our customers get the very best quality produce. From our own dry-cured bacon and gammon, to our sausages and burgers made in-house, to our renowned Dexter beef, our meat is always local, sustainable and – above all – delicious.

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