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Riverford Farm Dairies Ltd

Hole Farm, Staverton, TQ9 6AF

Telephone Number: 
01803 762131

What makes our products so special..? At Riverford Dairy we farm with care. The plants we grow on the pastures interact with both the land and the animals and have a big impact on the quality and taste of all our products. We sow complex grasses and other high protein grazing plants on our pastures, like red and white clover, lucerne and chicory. All the plants have extensive root systems that replenish the soil with valuable nutrients like nitrogen and they’re high in protein. Protein supports the health of the cows and the combination of plants give our milk its unique, creamy taste.

The premium quality milk that our cows give is treated with the same sort of care as the land. Nothing is rushed in production. Traditional farmhouse methods, slow cooking and allowing time to let flavours develop ensure that the products are unspoilt and taste amazing.

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