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32 Devonport Road, Plymouth, PL3 1DN
07305 398 589
Healthy Cooking Made Easy - no chopping, no fuss, no mess! Made from chef Tino’s selection of fresh herbs, spices and allium vegetables (garlic, onions, peppers) which are blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a perfect flavour for every meal. These purees are so versatile - use as a stock to flavour soups and stews, make Michelin Star sauces, marinade all your meats in each flavour… a WOW BBQ, liven up your noodles and rice, taste the difference on your roast.  100% NATURAL, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, high quality fresh ingredients, locally and responsibly sourced, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, packed with vitamins & minerals.
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Free From HerbiT Product - Free From 2024
Free From HerbiT Product - Free From 2024

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