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Favis of Salcombe Ltd

Torr Quarry Industrial Estate, East Allington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7QQ

Telephone Number: 
01548 521182

We have been providing the best quality brown crab and blue lobster to some of the UK's finest hotels and restaurants since 1972. We are very lucky to be located in one of the world's most recognised areas for superb shellfish, this is mainly due to the nutrient enriched waters of South Devon. Favis of Salcombe remains a family owned and run business. We operate a 60' (18m) Crabber, the Emma Jane" with a crew of 6 and have a purpose built picking unit where we have a staff of about 7 hand picking our prime quality crab. We only fish in sustainable waters to ensure the fish stocks are able to maintain themselves.

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