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The Cornish Fishmonger (Wing of St Mawes)

4 Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Est, St Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6TL

Telephone Number: 
01726 861666

The Cornish Fishmonger is a family run fishmonger. We've an enviable reputation throughout the country for supplying top quality, sustainable fish and shellfish to many of the nations top chefs. The same quality seafood ordered by Michelin starred chefs can be yours to cook at home.

We're family run by the Wing family. We love eating sustainable seafood that’s caught locally, fished responsibly and is in-season. Our roots are in cooking and as fishermen and for the past thirty years we’ve specialised as fishmongers. We’ve grown a bit over time and these days our team of specialist Cornish Fishmongers are filleting and preparing seafood not only for you to cook with your family at home but also for Michelin stared chefs too!

We've great relationships with local fishermen and choose to buy from small, day boats run by a Cornish fisherman over fish imported from overseas.  Sometimes it means we pay more but we want to support Cornish and British traditional and sustainable fishing practices. But rest assured, we won’t provide seafood from our shores if a local species needs a time out from being fished. Instead we’ll go a little further afield to find you that same species where it’s a healthy and sustainable supply.

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