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BAM Food Ltd

2 Overton Close, Timber Hill, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3HQ

Telephone Number: 
07791 531523

BAM’s range of high-end, hand-rubbed, air-dried and uniquely hot-smoked bacon is set to satisfy the taste buds of a nation increasingly turning away from mass produced, low welfare meat. The full range includes chilli bacon, herb bacon and garlic bacon as well as their ‘naked’ smoked bacon.  
There is also a range of sauces, which offer a modern twist on classic condiments. BAM Yellow sauce -  mellow yellow mustard with a kick-ass Amarillo chilli finish. BAM Brown Sauce, a classic British brown sauce, rebooted for the 21st century with a kick-ass injection of jalapenos and BAM Red Sauce, combining scorched sweet roasted peppers and fiery jalapeno to bring you the ultimate kick-ass red sauce.

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