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Five of the best New Members

Wooden Cabbage House

The Wooden Cabbage House is a Bed & Breakfast near Dorchester in a stunningly beautiful valley in West Dorset. Martyn and Susie's gift for putting people at ease makes every visitor feel relaxed and welcome. The fascinating name (of Wooden Cabbage) is a local colloquialism for the stunted oak trees that grow here. As you arrive at the top of the long private drive the breathtaking beauty of the fabulous view makes most guests stop their cars to look and admire.

Silver Fox Gin

Silver Fox Gin is crafted with eight botanicals and is intensely aromatic with savoury notes of cedar, lifted with mellow citrus tones. A deliciously pure tasting dry gin that has a balanced palette, a slightly creamy texture and an incredibly smooth, fine finish. Whilst full of flavour and delicious on its own on the rocks, it also lends itself to a number of twists, from cucumber to orange and even lavender and rose. Silver Fox Gin is a London Dry Gin, the highest quality style gin possible. It is distilled five times, which means that as much of the flavor as is possible of the carefully chosen botanicals is retained within the alcohol.

Plume of Feathers

The Plume of Feathers in Porthscatho was built in 1756 and is one of the three oldest buildings in the village. They serve locally caught seafood, sell Cornish beers and ciders and have five bed & breakfast rooms available.

Smeaton's Smokehouse

Smeaton's Smokehouse is an artisan company smoking a range of products including cold and hot smoked salmon, gravlax salmon, oak smoked prawns, apple smoked bacon and gammon steaks, a selection of smoked cheeses and a whole host of other delicacies as well as oak smoked coffee and oak smoked almonds. 

Sean's Artisan Gelato

Sean's Artisan Gelato aims to make a unique and high quality product using only the finest ingredients from trustworthy, fair trade local suppliers. They use solar power to make their gelato, their hot water is provided by sustainable biomass and their tubs and spoons are biodegradable. They have developed some unique vegan recipes including creamy-tasting fruit and rich dark chocolate sorbets and special free-from options to suit all tastes and dietary restrictions without compromising the unique flavour. All this and authentic Cornish gelato too!