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Best Newcomer Award 2017

This title has been awarded to one Gold award-winning product that was entered into the Product Awards for the very first time in 2017. The Award has kindly been sponsored by Tracklements and the overall winner is Happy Butter Turmeric Ghee 'Golden Ghee' from Happy Butter.

The finalist products were...

C.S.H is an amazing session beer brewed by Crossed Anchors in Exmouth, East Devon. C.S.H stands for ‘Cascade SMASH Hopburst’ and SMASH is an acronym for ‘single malt and single hop’. Hopbursting is the technique of adding hops only in the last few minutes of the boil resulting in a less bitter, but amazing aroma-filled beer.

Organic Golden Tumeric Ghee is hand churned in Devon in small batches using Organic Cultured Butter from the West Country and Organic Turmeric root by a mall family micro-business called Happy Butter Ghee. Used in India for millennia as a traditional cooking medium and Ayurvedic preparation, it has a nutty, almost caramel flavour. Ghee has a high smoke point, meaning it can be used at high temperatures. Perfect for everyday frying, roasting and baking.


Chaider combines two of the finest things in life - Indian Chai spices and Somerset apple juice. It's produced by a company called Herby4. Whether at home in front of a roaring log fire or  summer evenings around a camp fire, a hot chaider provides the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine or cider.

Sibling Distillery's Triple Distilled Gin has become renowned for its modern, fresh profile. Subtle notes of fresh citrus and light juniper lead, while distinctive tones of vanilla and blueberry round off some of the sharper fore-flavours and give the gin its characteristic smoothness. Best served with a small slice of orange, a twist of orange peel or blueberries, this is an easy drinking and versatile gin.