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Awards 2018

Recognising excellence and dedication throughout the food and drink industry in the South West of England.

Product Classes

The Taste of the West Awards programme, established more than two decades ago, highlights excellence throughout the South West’s food and drink industry.  

Our highly regarded Awards programme provides an opportunity to gain recognition for your products. A Taste of the West Award is an excellent marketing tool, helping to convey the quality and values of your business to potential customers. Much interest is generated among both buyers and consumers.

The Taste of the West Awards programme enjoys significant media coverage in both the trade and consumer sectors thanks to an extensive, multi-media PR campaign.

General Information

  1. The product awards are made up of 25 classes.  Judges evaluate each product individually, assessing its appearance, aroma, texture, packaging and, most significantly, its taste.
  2. Entries are judged by panels of independent industry experts including chefs, food writers, food buyers and other food professionals.   
  3. Gold, Silver and Highly Commended awards are awarded entirely on merit and judges are not limited on the number of awards that can be given. 
  4. Gold winning products are judged a second time to identify the top three ‘finalists’ in each class.  These are then judged again at a later date to decide the “Champion” category awards, and the coveted Supreme Champion.  The winners of these awards will be announced at a ceremony later in the year. 

Closing date for entries: Monday 30th April 2018

Entry Regulations


  1. The completed entry form should be sent to Taste of the West, Country House Estate, London Road, Whimple, Devon EX5 2NL. The form must reach the office no later than Monday 30th April 2018. Entries received after this date cannot be accepted. A faxed or emailed copy of the entry form is acceptable; however correct payment must also be received by Monday 30th April 2018.
  2. Every product must be the bona fide property of the entrant and must be made by the entrant within either one of the six counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.
  3. All products must be commercially and readily available and all products must be to the same standard as the foods available commercially. 
  4. Products are NOT blind tasted and must be presented for judging prepared and packaged ready as they would be for sale to the customer.  
  5. Presentation of a product for sale is important for commercial success and judges are looking at whether a product’s packaging is ‘fit for purpose’. Any packaged products submitted without the correct and proper labelling (i.e., name of product, ingredients, and all other legal requirements will be penalised and may NOT be judged.
  6. Please note that all products must be submitted in some form of protective packaging/wrapping with a full ingredients label adhered to it.   
  7. Gold award winners may be asked to supply an additional sample of a product for additional judging stages as above.

Payment of Entry Fees

  1. Current Patron members of Taste of the West will be entitled to enter four products free of charge. Current Gold Producer members of Taste of the West will be entitled to enter four products free of charge.  Current Silver Producer members of Taste of the West will be entitled to enter two products free of charge. Current Small Producer members of Taste of the West will be entitled to enter one product free of charge. All subsequent entries made by Taste of the West members will incur a fee of £40.00 + £8.00 VAT = £48.00.  Entries from members, received prior to 31st December 2017, will receive an Early Bird rate of £36.00 + £7.20 VAT = £43.20.
  2. The fee per product for Non-Taste of the West members is £42.00 + £8.40 VAT = £50.40.  Entries from members, received prior to 31st December 2017, will receive an Early Bird rate of £36.00 + £7.20 VAT = £43.20.
  3. Foodservice and Retail members will incur a fee of £42.00 + £8.40 VAT = £50.40.  Entries from members, received prior to 31st December 2017, will receive an Early Bird rate of £36.00 + £7.20 VAT = £43.20.
  4. Foodservice and Retail members are entitled to one free entry in either the relevant hospitality or retail categories respectively.
  5. Full payment must be received with your entry.  This can be paid either by BACS (Account No. 01364580   Sort Code. 30 93 14   Ref. AWARDS) or by telephoning the Taste of the West Office (01404 822012) and paying with a debit card. Entries will not be registered without payment. Entries which have not been paid for in full by Monday 30th April 2018 will not be judged.

Delivery of Entries for Judging

  1. Details for delivery of products for judging, including delivery address, dates and times will be issued after the entry closing date. Entrants will receive these details by post. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PRODUCT WITH YOUR ENTRY FORM.  
  2. Products should be delivered according to the instructions given at this time. Early deliveries cannot be guaranteed to be received by Taste of the West and consequently may not be judged. Late deliveries cannot be accepted and will not be judged.
  3. Judging will take place during the weeks commencing Monday 5th and Monday 12th June 2018 in Exeter.
  4. A unique entry number to identify each individual product entry will be supplied by Taste of the West on stickers, along with the details for delivery of products. These stickers must be attached to all products prior to delivery in order for the product to be identified for judging.   Correct labelling of products is the responsibility of the entrant.  Unidentified or wrongly identified products may not be judged.
  5. If a product is sold as a single serving portion i.e., will only serve one person (e.g., a single pasty or brownie or single steak) entrants will be asked to submit at least two of this item.  
  6. A delivery sheet will be supplied listing the appropriate class number(s) and the products entered, along with a delivery label bearing the name, address and telephone number of the entrant. This should be attached to any package being delivered, or these details should be clearly marked on the package.
  7. The entrant must, in all cases, pay the carriage of entries.
  8. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that all foods are packed, transported and delivered in a condition fit and safe for consumption by the judges. Any entries arriving in a damaged or unsafe condition will be disqualified and will not be liable to any return of entry fees.
  9. No product can be returned following judging.


  1. Results of the judging of the initial 25 classes will be available on the Taste of the West website www.tasteofthewest.co.uk.  All entrants will be notified by email as soon as these results have been published.
  2. Entrants going through to the “Champion Award” judging in each of the classes will be notified at a future date following the completion of the first round of judging, when additional product will be requested. 
  3. Winners of the “Champion Award” in each category and the Supreme Champion Product Award will be announced and presented at the Taste of the West Awards Presentation Ceremony later in the year. 
  4. All award winners will be sent a certificate(s) in recognition of their award(s). Award winners will also be given the opportunity to purchase award labels for use on packaging and marketing material etc. Award winners will also be sent a digital logo of their award(s).
  5. By specific request via email, a summary of the judges’ feedback by email will be sent to all entrants. However, please note that NO feedback reports will be sent before the end of August 2018. 
  6. Award winners may state in advertising, promotional activity and stationery that they are recipients of an award but must include the award class/category and the year in which it was awarded.
  7. Taste of the West reserves the right to publish articles and photographs concerning entrants and carry out publicity regarding the entrant.
  8. Taste of the West reserves the right to give details of winners of the product classes to the sponsor of that particular class.   
  9. Recipients of awards may be asked at a later date for details of how their business has benefited from the award.

Please Note: by returning the completed entry form, entrants agree to comply with all of the above regulations.

Other Classes

The Taste of the West Awards also comprise various hospitality and retail classes.

South West Producer of the Year  

Recognising an entrepreneurial producer of food and drink with an innovative approach to developing his/her business and markets.

Innovation in the Food & Drink Industry Award

Recognising an outstanding innovative element in a food or drink business, whether this be in a packing or distribution solution, a staff issue or the general way in which the business is run. 

Best Newcomer Award

Recognising an exceptional company who are entering the Awards for the first time with a product that has been developed in the last 12 months. 


If you would like more information and/or entry forms for any of these classes, please contact the Taste of the West office on 01404 822012 or by email at [email protected]  


Taste of the West takes great care in dealing and processing your data in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1999. In entering into the Taste of the West Awards, it is hereby acknowledged that Taste of the West will circulate and promote the contact details of Awards' entrants to the Award Sponsors. There is an opportunity for entrants to opt out of this benefit on acknowledgement of entry, should the entrant not wish to benefit from this service.