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Devon based coffee roaster, Spiller & Tait, announces the launch of its e-commerce website with a no questions asked guarantee on the freshness of the coffee bought from the site. All bags of coffee ordered via will be received by customers within only seven days of roasting to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.


Founders Simon Spiller and David Tait launched Spiller & Tait in 2014 in response to the rise in demand for coffee on-line. They sold exclusively on Amazon UK for the first two years and rapidly became one of the best-selling and highest rated coffee brands on that platform. "With well over 20 years in the coffee industry between us, we’ve used our experience to select the highest quality beans from around the world and produce skilfully roasted and award winning coffees which are balanced, rich and lacking bitterness. Qualities we know are valued by today’s coffee drinkers" said Simon.

It’s this preoccupation with delivering great tasting coffee that Simon and David believe is the source of their success on Amazon. And now they are taking this a step further by offering some of the freshest coffee available on-line via their own site. “Our partnership with Amazon has been great. But, it’s only by being in complete control of the roasting and dispatch to customers can we guarantee they receive the freshest and best tasting coffee, this is what’s different about buying coffee from our own site” explained David.


“All our coffee is roasted weekly in small batches so you receive fresh coffee, full of flavour and aroma. We aim for all coffee bought from our website to reach customers within only seven days of the roast date, which in our experience is an ideal time-frame for brewing after roasting” said David.  “Like most products of living organisms, coffee beans are highly susceptible to aging. The moment a roasted coffee bean is exposed to air, it immediately begins to degrade and lose its tasty flavour as the aromatic oils released by roasting start to dissipate. This is why we recommend brewing your coffee beans as soon as possible after roasting” he added.


Spiller & Tait coffees continue to be available from other on-line outlets in the UK and Europe.  But, only coffee purchased on their is guaranteed to be roasted no more seven days before customers receive it.  “We are confident all coffee bought on our site will be delivered within these time-frames, but if there are ever any problems we offer a complete refund or replacement without any questions” said Simon.


Spiller & Tait is a Devon based on-line coffee roaster dedicated to helping customers create great tasting coffee at home.

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